Where can i learn more about Polynomial Earn?

To access docs for Polynomial Earn, please visit https://docs.earn.polynomial.fi/

Does Polynomial have a token?

Polynomial does not have a protocol token, be aware of scams. Please report scam tokens if you see one.

What are the protocols being considered for integrating with Polynomial?

Current testnet supports UMA and Opyn for Call Options and Opyn for Put options
These are protocols we're considering for the future:
We will consider other protocols as well, but can't promise all during the testnet/mainnet.

Are you integrating Ribbon or Thales or Hegic?

Ribbon is not an options protocol, but uses Opyn options under the hood. We'll be integrating Opyn.
Thales is a binary options protocol. At the moment we're only focused on aggregating standard DeFi options.
In the new version of Hegic, only ATM (at the money) options are available. When Hegic launches OTM (out of the money) options, we'll consider Hegic as well.

Does Polynomial use an order book or an AMM?

Polynomial liquidity protocol builds on top of Uniswap v3 to utilize concentrated liquidity. So you can consider Polynomial as a Quasi-AMM, this doesn't stops us from aggregating protocols which use order book model.

What are the strategies planned for structured products?

We plan to roll out 2 types of structured products:
Income based strategies: Put selling, Call selling, etc...
Volatility based strategies: Long vol, Short vol, etc...

Are option American or European?

Polynomial uses European options.