Option Aggregation Protocol

Good to know: There are two ways to polynomial option token: Delegating to Polynomial Protocol or via wrapping an existing option token.
The protocol will aggregate option contracts from various option protocols into a single vault, as long as the option's strike price and expiry time match. The end-user will trade this vault token as a single option.
There are two methods to mint the polynomial option / vault token:
  1. 1.
    Users can directly interact with Polynomial Protocol to mint options by delegating the process to their desired option protocol. The Polynomial Vault will hold the option generated by the underlying protocol in the vault, and the user will receive the Polynomial Vault token of the same option. Users will have direct access to manage their collateral position in the underlying option protocol.
User minting an option using Polynomial option aggregator Protocol
2. If the user already holds a supported protocol's option contract, they can wrap this into Polynomial Vault. Wrapping is currently only possible via direct interaction with smart contract.
The user can also swap b/w options contracts of the supported protocols, as long as the vault has enough balance to facilitate the swap.