In the portfolio, users can see the number of options they have and the value of their pool positions.
Basic overview of Portfolio Page

Position types

Long Position

You will have a long position when you have only one option. For example, A user buys 10 options for ETH, then he has 10 long positions.
Long positions are represented by ERC-20 tokens.

Neutral Position

You will have a neutral position when you have an equal number of long and short positions. For example, after minting 1 option, you will have 1 long position (option) and an equivalent short position.

Short position

A short position represents the other part of the neutral position after selling the option. For example, A user mints 10 ETH long and short positions, after which he sells the option. Hence the user has only 10 short positions. The above strategy is called a covered call when done for call options and put selling when done for put options.
Short positions are transferable to another using smart contract only at the moment. Short positions are not represented by ERC20.
price(shortPosition)=price(collateral)price(longPosition)price(shortPosition)=price(collateral) - price(longPosition)