Setting up Testnet

How to setup testnet.
Good to know : Polynomial Protocol is only available on Goerli Testnet.


Polynomial Protocol is currently hosted on Goerli Testnet
Network Name : Goerli Test Network
Chain ID : 5
Currency Symbol (optional) : ETH
Block Explorer URL (optional) :


Polynomial faucet dispenses 3 custom tokens.
This is done to help make the testing process easier without worrying about token shortages.
Additionally, the faucet also dispenses Goerli ETH if the faucet has the balance for the same.
The user is required to post a tweet template on their twitter account which contains their wallet address with it, this is picked up by the polynomial bot - sending the needed funds safely to the users wallet. This typically takes less than a minute, if it doesn't work tweet again or contact support.
If the polynomial faucet isn't able to dispense Goerli ETH to you, please visit any Goerli faucet like and follow the steps to get a hold of Goerli ETH, which is needed for paying gas fees.